Family Law Litigation

When negotiations have been tried and failed, litigation is the next and final step. Trial-tested representation helps avoid unnecessary litigation and is prepared for the intricate and difficult task of trying your case if and when the time comes.


The first step in trying to resolve family cases, and almost always, the best way to solve your case. You have more control over the final result and nothing happens without your agreement. A good attorney can help you determine what is a good deal and what is not 


We have the tools and experience to handle appellate cases

Family Law Appeals

Family law appeals are unique, and we understand the complexities involved


Not every case is a candidate for appeal, if yours is not, we will tell you


We handle appeals of Texas cases, family law or civil, from any county in Texas to any Court of Appeals including the Supreme Court of Texas


We stay abreast of changes in the law whether by legislation or decision


Our goal is to do the work necessary for your appeal to be successful, and not waste your resources 

Trial Tested

Being both trial attorneys and appellate attorneys, we can provide unique insights