The Final Word

The appellate process is where trial judges' work is "graded."

Time Sensitive

Appeals are on a strict timeline. If your case needs to be appealed, contact Troy as soon as possible.

A great deal of time, effort and cost goes into reaching a final trial decision. When the decision is not warranted by the facts, or does not follow the law as it is (or should be) an appeal is possible. The appellate process is not a second trial; instead it looks at what the trial court did and determines if the law was followed.

Appellate courts hear appeals in cases which have been previously tried in the trial courts. No new evidence is presented and no witnesses are heard on the appeal of a case. The facts of the case have been determined at the trial, and all testimony and evidence are contained in the record which was made in the trial court and sent to the appellate court when the appeal was made. The appellate court makes its decision on the appeal based on a review of the record and the arguments of the attorneys for both sides. The decision is based solely upon the evidence contained in the record and the law which pertains to the facts of the case.

The appellate attorney must be able to understand the record of the case from the perspective of the appellate court justices. They must also be able to explain those facts in the most persausive manner possible while maintaining a strict adherence to the truth. Then, they must be able to research the previous cases which will inform or control the court in making its decision. Finally, they must be able to argue why their cases and their version of the facts should win the day.

We are ready to make your case and convince the court that there is something to correct. We will present your side of the argument forcefully and persuasively so you can have the best chance at a favorable outcome.

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