You have been to court, a judgment has been entered and a decree signed. But, now, the order is not being followed. Someone is not paying, not allowing visitation, or otherwise not living up to the terms of the order. Enforcement is how the power of the courts is used to obtain compliance.

There are two sides of every enforcement, the "prosecution" and the respondent. Each requires a different approach to achieve a desired result, but one thing is the same—enforcements are very technical. Shooting from the hip will not get you what you want, or keep you out of trouble. Enforcements require that the attorney knows the statutory requirements, the case law that controls the judge's powers, as well as the rules of evidence and civil procedure required for every case. Applying those elements to the case requires experience and attention to detail. We have the experience and skill to help you in enforcement situations, whether you are seeking enforcement or defending yourself from one.

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